Friday, February 10, 2012

Friends convinced me

Posted by Arden Wallace

I heard about some deals for HughesNet satellite internet Springville from people at work. They were all talking about some bad experiences they had had with different utilities and services being set up, but it didn’t have for Hughes, according to all of them. When they said that, all I could think about was when I had Internet installed at our other house. It was such a disaster. We could not get a day where one of us could be there and that someone with the company had an open time slot. My co-workers said stuff like that did not happen with Hughes. Dana, the woman I eat lunch with most of the time, really harped on it. Her whole family lives in the town and somehow or another she convinced each and every family member to switch to the same Internet provider she had. The group of them definitely made a good case for it. I certainly had not really been thinking about switching, but once they started marketing their stories to me, I really thought it might be a good idea.