Saturday, April 28, 2012


Contribution by Saul Martin

My husband and I divorced a year ago. It was a really difficult decision to make, but after 12 years of marriage, we decided that we were no longer in love. We had a really cordial divorce and all of our belongings were evenly divided. My husband wanted me to keep our house to live in, which I really appreciated. I was really lonely the first few months that I lived alone. I missed having someone in the house with me at all times. At night, I would hear noises and get really nervous that someone was in the house, so I decided to get a security system. I searched online for “ADT Ft Myers” and found a system that I could have installed fairly quickly. Ever since it was installed, I feel so much safer in my home. I do not think that I will continue to live in this home forever because it is far too big for just me. I do not know if I will ever get married again, so I will probably eventually move into a smaller house or an apartment. I am finally used to living alone.