Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am much excited for the upcoming hockey season. I think the Dallas Stars have the potential to do something this year. Of course, the team will have to stay healthy and Marty Turco will have to shake off the horrible season from last year. I hope Mike Modano has a stellar season because it may be his last. Lots of young talent looking to improve is another bright side to look forward to. Go to hell dead wings!

NHL 10 is releasing Sept 15th. Hopefully Target will get a copy in that day so I don't have to go anywhere else to try to find one. I know I will suck at this game just like in 09 and 08. I just can't seem to score goals. Nevertheless, I enjoy the hell out of the game and it is a great teaching tool for getting people interested in hockey.

Monday, August 24, 2009

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I'm at work. I don't want to be. Hopefully this "funk" will pass soon. I hate feeling like this. Like nothing can make me happy. I feel the worst fo

Sunday, August 23, 2009


OK so I've never been one for writing. I never can think of a subject to write about. Everytime I try to write about something I like or that I'm interested in, it seems like I can put out a few sentences. Like right now I'm struggling to find something to write down to continue this "blog" that I've decided to start. My interests in life right now include: hockey, MMA, cooking, video games, cooking. I haven't been fishing in a few month so it's not really right to put that in my interests, even though I love it. My favorite hockey team is the Dallas Stars. My favorite player is Mike Modano. I'm married for over two years now and have three cats. We just got a new little kitten that was sitting outside on our door step. It was there when I left for work, and it was there when I got back from work. We eventually decided to name him "Geno." I work at Target to pay the bills and have worked there for over seven years. That's a long time for a job like retail. A VERY long time. I can't see anything else I could do or would want to really do that I would be able to do. Yeah. That's about all i can squeeze out of my cramped little brain for now. I might write another one one day but the chances that I do are slim. I start things and never finish them. Story of my life.